Attack on Amazon Data Center Thwarted

Amazon cannot Accept Food Orders in Italy

A peak in orders for the delivery of groceries in Northern Italy causes problems at Amazon. The luxury delivery service Amazon Prime Now must sell no customers in Milan and Turin.


The reason is a substantial increase in orders due to the coronavirus outbreak, Italian media reported.

Orders at Amazon Prime Now in Milan and Turin are usually delivered within two hours. That service is no longer available in the two cities, is stated on the site.

Amazon informs Italian business newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore that a sharp increase in the number of orders with this service has caused a delay.

Sharp price increases for products that are very popular due to the virus outbreak also lead to misunderstanding.

Codacons, the Italian representative of consumer interests, complains about its website about the 109 euros that were asked for four bottles of the Amuchina disinfectant on Amazon.

The manufacturer of the product, Angelini Pharma, then rushed to emphasize that it had not itself raised prices.

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