AMD Buys Further into the Data Centre Market for 1.9 Billion Dollars

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Chipmaker AMD announces acquisition of Pensando. The company develops chips for data centres and sells them for $1.7 billion.


Pensando was founded in 2017 and made chips and software for large companies, among other things. The start-up’s customers include Goldman Sachs, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud.

The company’s fully programmable chip and software are intended to allow enterprise customers to behave more like cloud computing centres.

With the acquisition, AMD is further buying into the currently very busy market for data centre hardware. It also encounters Intel and Nvidia there. Therefore, the acquisition of Pensando is in line with previous steps taken by the company.

Eighteen months ago, it took over industry rival Xilinx for a solid $35 billion. Last week, the company also announced a new CPU for data centres.

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