American House of Representatives Restrict President Trump's Military Action

American House of Representatives Restrict President Trump’s Military Action

The US House of Representatives has adopted a resolution restricting President Donald Trump’s power to take military action against Iran. That is not much more than a symbolic act, says VRT NWS correspondent Björn Soenens in New York.


The resolution calls for an end to any military action without the approval of Congress. But it has no force of law and must first go to the Senate, where the text may not make it because the Republicans, Trump’s party members, have the majority.

“A few Republicans have already announced that they will support the resolution,” says Björn Soenens, “but then the majority will vote against it. And suppose the law is passed through Congress, it will end up at Donald Trump’s office who can veto and then it ends. “

“The action is mainly symbolic,” Soenens interprets because Congress is outraged about the drone attack on January 2 against the Iranian top general Qassem Soleimani.

“By the way, there is already a law, the” War Powers Act, “which was introduced in 1973 after illegal bombing by the late President Richard Nixon in Cambodia. Without knowing Congress therein, “Soenens clarifies.

“So the law already says that the president can only take action in an emergency.

There had already been the custom that presidents ignore that, but always inform Congress or at least the leaders of both parties. But even that has been left behind by President Trump. “

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