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Apple Does Not Allow Game Streaming Services Such As Stadia and Xbox

Game streaming services are against the rules of the App Store, Apple says. Microsoft, which will launch an ambitious service with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in September, condemns the decision.


Microsoft denounces Apple’s decision not to allow game streaming services on iOS and to ban the apps from the App Store.

Apple wants to be able to review the games one by one. According to Microsoft, it uses different rules than for most apps, since with a streaming service like Netflix, not every series or film is checked.

This makes Apple the only platform that prevents game streaming, and it also immediately forms a barrier for Microsoft and its ambitions to reach all platforms with its game streaming service. Stadia, Google’s streaming service, is also not welcome on iOS.

Both services are full streaming services, and allow the user to access games that are on the servers of the companies. That is different from, for example, PS Remote Play from Sony, which is possible on iOS.

The following links the user’s iPhone with his own PlayStation. The new streaming services must follow the rules of the App Store, says Apple itself, and submit each game separately.

There is no alternative for getting their service on iPhone and iPad for Microsoft and Google. Apple has a monopoly on app distribution with the App Store.

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