Apple Presumably Presents New iPad At Its Own Event

“Apple Is Going To Restrict Data Usage Of Chat Apps”

“Apple is going to Restrict data usage of Chat apps in the Background.” Apple would change something in iOS 13 to the way message apps continue to run in the background.


The change may have a significant impact on popular apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, according to the reports.

Both apps have a call function, which always keeps a data connection open between the iPhone and the app maker,

 to be able to quickly set up so-called VoIP calls, telephone calls via the internet.

Apps such as WhatsApp would, however, abuse that features to bypass iOS restrictions.

As long as they leave the data connection open, an app can remain open indefinitely in the background.

Usually, iOS apps are automatically frozen as soon as they are not used for a while.

Function stricter later
Apple would control the use of that method in the new iOS 13 more strictly.

The function for VoIP calls may later only be used for such calls,

 and no longer as a trick to keep an app open at a low pace in the background.

It may have consequences for WhatsApp, Snapchat and WeChat, among others.

For example, WhatsApp would apply the encryption of messages via the data connection for VoIP calls.

However, Apple would close the feature because it cannot control what the data connection is used for.

Facebook response
Facebook states that it does not abuse the connection.

“We use the feature to provide world-class private messaging,

 not to collect data,” said a company spokesperson.

WhatsApp may need to be adjusted because the current method can no longer be used,

 but according to rumours, WhatsApp would already be thoroughly modifying its system.

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