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Apple Must Pay Chip Maker Qualcomm 31.6 Million Dollars

Apple must Pay chip maker Qualcomm 31.6 million Dollars in a patent Case. Apple must pay chip maker Qualcomm a fee of 31.6 million dollars (nearly 30 million dollars) for patent infringement.


According to the jury of a court in San Diego,

 Apple has used at least three technological applications that Qualcomm has intellectual property rights.

The amount to be transferred to Qualcomm corresponds to the chip maker’s requirement.

The patents that Apple infringed are related to technology for graphics processing and the preservation of battery power.

With technology, Qualcomm demands to reduce the costs of smartphones and increase efficiency.

Qualcomm also states it needs to receive billions from Apple due to lost sales.

A case about this will be dealt with in April.

According to the chip maker, Apple discontinued paying royalties in 2017,

 with which billions went wrong.

For many years Qualcomm was the exclusive supplier of chips for iPhones.

Apple responds in a statement to be disappointed in the outcome of the case.

According to the company, Qualcomm is seeking to divert attention, from the more significant problems it faces with the ongoing patent battle.

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