Armenian Prime Minister Resigns after Protest

Armenian Prime Minister Resigns after Protest

Serge Sarkissian, the Prime Minister of Armenia, resigns. The resignation of Sarkissian comes after the protests against his appointment, reports Right News.


I leave the post of leader of the country, “Sarkissian is quoted by the Armenian state media. He emphasizes that he responds to the demands of the people who had come to the streets. Armenia has been arguing for eleven days in a row against his appointment as prime minister.

“Pasjinjan was right. I have been mistaken, “it says in Sarkissian’s statement. Opposition leader Nikol Pasjinjan, who is also the leader of the protest, was released earlier in the day after one day of imprisonment.

Sarkissian was President of Armenia for ten years, but earlier this year he had to give up that position because he could no longer be re-elected. He has been prime minister of the country since last Tuesday.

Since a constitutional reform in 2015, the presidency in Armenia is mainly protocol laid. The real executive power is in the hands of the prime minister. According to the opposition, that constitutional amendment was only intended to keep the real power in the hands of Sarkissian.

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