No More Cheap Fuel Across the French Border

Austria is Removing Travel Restrictions for Most Europeans

Austria is Removing Travel Restrictions for Most Europeans. Residents of 31 countries will be able to travel to Austria unimpeded from June 16.


Restrictions will continue to apply to travellers from the United Kingdom, Sweden, Portugal and Spain, said Minister Alexander Schallenberg (Foreign Affairs).

Schallenberg announced that checks on the border with neighbouring Italy would also be terminated next Tuesday.

“Yes, we open the border. Yes, it is then possible to travel to Italy, Greece or Croatia, for example,” the minister said at a press conference.

However, a travel alert will continue to apply to the hard-hit Italian region of Lombardy.

Travellers have yet to demonstrate that they are not infected with the coronavirus or go into home isolation for two weeks.

The measures could be eased, according to the authorities, as the epidemic appears to be decreasing in many European countries.

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