WHO: More Than Two-Thirds of the World's Population has Corona Antibodies

Austria Will Stop Using the AstraZeneca Vaccine as Soon as Supplies Run Out

Austria will stop administering AstraZeneca’s corona vaccine once the current stock has been used. The main reason is that deliveries are not going well, and there are far fewer doses of the drug than agreed.


Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein said that the drug’s reputation also plays a role in the decision to stop, but that this was not a compelling reason. AstraZeneca is no longer used in several EU countries due to rare side effects.

From now on, Mückstein wants to focus more on mRNA vaccines such as those from Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna.

The European Union also announced earlier that it would no longer order corona vaccines from AstraZeneca due to delivery problems. The British-Swedish pharmaceutical company delivers far fewer doses than agreed.

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