Basketball Star LeBron James Stunned After Decision in Taylor Case

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Basketball star LeBron James has reacted disappointed and angrily to the decision of the state attorney in the US state of Kentucky to prosecute only one cop in the case of the shooting of the black woman Breonna Taylor.


“I am speechless today. I am devastated, hurt, sad and angry! We want justice for Breonna, but justice was only achieved for the walls of her neighbours and not for her beautiful life,” wrote 35-year-old James.

He was referring to the agent who is only prosecuted for endangering the neighbours during the shooting.

“Was I surprised by the verdict? Definitely not, but I’m still fucking hurt and gloomy! I send a lot of love to Breonna’s mother and her friends and family.”

It was restless again in the night from Wednesday to Thursday in the United States. Demonstrators have taken to the streets in several cities out of displeasure with the decision.

The black woman was killed by police bullets in her own home in March. Her death has become a prominent cause for the Black Lives Matter movement, which protests racism and excessive police brutality.

The most massive demonstration was in Louisville, Kentucky, where the police killed the ex-ambulance nurse. Protests also took place in New York, Boston, Washington and Los Angeles.

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