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Best Ways to Carry Out Cyber Threats

When it comes to cyberattacks, there are numerous ways for the attackers to jeopardize the security and privacy of your network and cyberspace. It is not something which targets your privacy only. In fact, when we talk about an attack in the cyber world, we are actually referring to an attack on your:

Integrity: This particular attack damages the information on a system in order to hurt the people who rely on it

Confidentiality: This would mean stealing or even copying confidential information of personal and organisations.

Availability: As the name suggests, this one creates a barrier to prevent the target from getting to the data it seeks.


So, what are some of the many ways these attacks are actually carried out?

1. Phishing attacks
To gain access to a network, you would need a password for it. This is where phishing attacks come in useful that have the power to trick even the most well-trained people into revealing their passwords. Having two-way authentication verification can prevent such attacks from achieving their purpose.

2. Patch it up
As soon as an organization experiences an attack, there is a dire need to patch through that loophole to prevent the attacker from using the same gateway again. Failure to do that will be negligence on your part. So, as soon as you discover an exploit, patch it through immediately.


3. Social media
This is a platform which is designed to meet new people and increase your connections in the industry you work in. However, it is not always safe to talk to strangers on such network: mostly because most of them are for catfishing. A connection with 100 mutual connections when would strike up a conversation on your LinkedIn account, the probability of you dismissing that person are very few. So, whenever someone tries to talk about the intimate details of your work, be very cautious about what you say and how it can be used against you.

4. Trojan horse
The ransomware is often delivered through the websites you most trust and rely on. They are hidden in the patches of software or a file that you are just about to download. This is all a part of social engineering where the attackers use humans to gain access to a network now. To avoid getting blown away by a Trojan horse of such a kind, make sure that you educate all your employees about office rules.

5. Persistent threats
As long as you are doing something that might be of interest to someone anywhere in the world, you need to consider the security of your network. Talking about getting your network cyber essentials certification becomes even more important if you have been receiving persistent threats for a while now.

There is no one but many ways through which the cyber attackers get to hack their way into your network. Work to make amends today to reap its fruits for years to come.

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