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Boris Johnson: British Cafes and Restaurants Have to be Closed

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Friday that cafes, restaurants, theatres and other entertainment venues in his country must be closed from Friday evening to fight the coronavirus better.


Takeaways may remain open.

“There are of course people who are tempted to go out tonight, but ‘don’t do it,’ I say to those people,” said Johnson. Gyms and other leisure activity centres should also remain closed.

Johnson said social contacts should be cut by 75 percent to prevent the virus from spreading. According to his government, efforts to combat the coronavirus should take at least a year.

Finance Minister Rishi Sunak said the government is going to help companies hard hit by the coronavirus.

He explained that London will cover 80 percent of the salaries of people who are employed by companies but are unable to work due to the crisis.

The number of registered coronavirus infections in Great Britain is 3983. To date, 177 people have died from Covid-19.

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