Johnson Not Prosecuted for American Businesswoman's Help

Boris Johnson Not Prosecuted for American Businesswoman’s Help

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is not being prosecuted for accusing him of favouring an American businesswoman in his time as Mayor of London.


A special police conduct committee that investigated the case determined that.

Johnson has always denied doing anything wrong. The special committee did the investigation because as mayor Johnson also had the police under him.

He is believed to be the first citizen of London (2008-2016) to favour an American girlfriend, Jennifer Arcuri. He would have shifted her tech company to almost 13,000 euros in government money.

Johnson allegedly failed to report that it was a friend. He later stated that he shouldn’t have given up anything unusual. He says he did not go beyond his book.

A Johnson spokesman said on Thursday that he welcomed that “this politically motivated complaint” had been rejected. He called the “vexing allegations of impropriety” false and unfounded.

In October, a UK government agency determined that another $ 113,000 grant to a US company was appropriate.

It is not clear what precisely the relationship between Johnson and the former model Arcuri meant. She is said to have told the US that she was having an affair with Johnson

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