British Defense Minister: Russian Soldiers are Increasingly Desperate

British Defense Minister: Russian Soldiers are Increasingly Desperate

Russian soldiers in Ukraine are “growing desperate”. British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace told BBC Breakfast.


The British defence minister was a guest on the public broadcaster on Tuesday morning to give a state of affairs about the war in Ukraine. “It’s the thirteenth day, and we don’t see any real progress for the Russians,” said a noticeably combative Wallace there. “That column towards Kyiv stays where it is, and it is completely stuck. The soldiers are getting more and more desperate.”

That desperation has been reported several times in recent days. For example, many soldiers are said to have started looting because they are faced with logistical problems. As a result, the supply of food and drink is stalled, causing morale to be low. In addition, there have been reports of soldiers deserting and surrendering to Ukrainian troops, but there is no confirmation.

What does increase is the brutality, Wallace said. “They are twice as cheeky as in the beginning.” The ruthless airstrikes have been demonstrated in recent days, which no longer seem to be aimed only at precise targets. “But we will continue to support Ukraine no matter what.”

Wallace also promised Poland support if it decided to give Ukraine army planes to be stronger over the air. “We’re always going to protect them,” Wallace said. “But Poland should know: if they do, they risk a conflict with Russia and Belarus.”

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