Microsoft WVC is Now Called Azure Virtual Desktop

Bug in Windows 10 Breaks Hard Drive

A bug in Windows 10 makes it particularly easy to crash the hard drive. The problem has existed for years and can easily be exploited by hackers.


In Windows 10 it is possible to corrupt a hard drive with NTFS file structure with a single line command line. It’s about something that someone with bad intentions can hide in a shortcut, zip file, or other places and doesn’t ask for admin rights to run.

This means that a manipulated icon on the desktop is sufficient to act.

The bug has been in Windows 10 since build 1803, which has been in circulation since April 2018. Some users claim that it can even be exploited on older systems such as Windows XP on slashdot.

The Bleeping Computer site contains the code in question to corrupt a hard drive. This is the Windows NTFS Index Attribute or the $ i30 string. But anyone who does not do that on a virtual machine is indeed in danger of partially destroying his or her computer.

According to its own security industry sources, Bleeping Computer notes that such errors are common in Windows and are reported to Microsoft. But that he took no action. It often happens that Microsoft only tackles such matters when hackers actively abuse them.

In this case, the company will inform the tech site that it is aware and update as soon as possible.

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