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Cabinet Puts 1.7 Billion Pounds Less In The Sustainable Energy

Cabinet Puts 1.7 Billion Pounds less in the Sustainable Energy subsidy Scheme. The government will make 8.9 billion pounds in subsidies available next year to help sustainable energy projects on the road.


That is less than last year, Minister Eric Wiebes (Economic Affairs and Climate) writes Monday to the Lower House.

In 2018 companies could receive a total of 10 billion pounds in subsidies for projects in the field of solar and wind energy, for example.

Of these, the vast majority, amounting to more than 9.8 billion pounds, has been absorbed.

The incentive scheme should help to significantly reduce the CO2 discharges of the energy sector in the coming years.

By making less money available in 2019, Wiebes hopes to promote competition between grant applicants.

According to the minister, this should lead to sufficient use of the budget.

He also assumes that the costs of renewable energy will decrease further thanks to economies of scale.

“As a result, there is also less and less subsidy needed to produce the same amount of energy at constant or rising energy prices,” Wiebes said.

It will be the last year in which the incentive scheme for sustainable energy in its current form exists.

From 2020 there will be a comprehensive scheme, in which other techniques that lead to fewer CO2 emissions may also qualify for a subsidy.


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