More Than 110 Killed in Philippines by Tropical Storm Megi

Canada Recovers From Floods, New Showers on the Way

Western Canada is recovering after being hit by heavy rains and flooding last week. Most roads have reopened, shops have been stocked, and gas pipelines repaired, but the province of British Colombia has not yet recovered from the bad weather. Authorities again warn of heavy rain showers.


The first showers will form this week, and the rain will certainly continue until the weekend, meteorologists predict. It may still remain “very wet” early next week.

Rescuers are still in the area to help those affected. Thousands of people had to leave their homes last week due to landslides and flooding. Many roads were damaged and impassable, and several areas in the region were flooded. “Our response to this emergency is still ongoing and will take some time,” Deputy Prime Minister Mike Farnworth of reconstruction said in a statement Monday. “With more rain falling in southern British Colombia, including for the hard-hit Fraser Valley, we must remain vigilant.”

Travel and fuel restrictions were imposed on residents due to supply problems after the major floods. “We’re not asking people to travel through hard-hit areas — for their own good, but also to make sure the fuel we have goes to the services people need during this time of crisis,” Farnworth said at a news conference at the time…

A state of emergency was declared in the province because as much rain fell in 48 hours as normal in a month. That phenomenon is known as an “atmospheric river”. At least four people have died as a result of the storm.

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