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China Accuses The United States Of ‘Purely Economic Terrorism’

China Accuses the United States of ‘Purely Economic Terrorism.’ The provocation of trade conflicts is “purely economic terrorism,” said a Chinese diplomat on Thursday about the trade war with the United States.


The Chinese Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs says that China is not in favour of harsh measures such as sanctions, import tariffs and protectionism.

“We are against a trade war, but we are not afraid of a trade war.

Deliberately provoking trade conflicts is purely economic terrorism,

 economic chauvinism and bullying,” said the Chinese diplomat on the conflict with the US.

He added that the trade dispute had no winners and had negative consequences for the entire world economy.

The trade feud between the United States and China seemed to have cooled somewhat in recent months,

 but this month has flared up considerably again.

The US accuses China of failing to deliver on its previous promises and has introduced new import rates of 25 percent on 200 billion dollars of Chinese products.

Chinese reprisals
The Chinese have imposed import tariffs on American products as retaliation.

In recent weeks, China has also hoped to be able to use its dominant position as an exporter of rare earth metals in the trade conflict.

These precious metals are widely used in smartphones and laptops, but also military technology.

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