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China and India Clash Again in the Border Area

Soldiers from India and China have come to blows again in the Himalayan border region. There would have been injuries on both sides. The Indian army speaks of a “small confrontation”.


A confrontation between troops from the Asian countries got entirely out of hand last year. At least 20 Indian soldiers and an unknown number of Chinese were killed in a large-scale brawl.

This increased tension between neighbouring countries armed with nuclear weapons.

The last showdown took place last week. According to sources, this happened at Naku La in the state of Sikkim. A Chinese patrol is said to have attempted to cross the disputed border. Indian troops tried to stop this.

Indian sources say that at least four Indian soldiers were injured.

China and India fought another border war in 1962. China won that armed conflict. Peace in the border area did not return. The countries have many troops stationed there.

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