Listing Chinese Telecom Companies in the US is Not Over After All

China Has Warned the United States About Washington’s Policy Towards Taiwan

China has warned the United States about Washington’s policy towards Taiwan, which sees Beijing as a Chinese island and wants it back.


“Anyone who plays with fire will get burned,” said a government spokesman in Beijing.

He stressed that the People’s Republic does not accept that Taiwan should establish official relations with other countries on any pretext.

Beijing is angry because the US Secretary of Health, Alex Azar, has visited Taiwan for three days and has spoken with the president and ministers, among others. Azar’s visit was devoted to the fight against the coronavirus.

Taiwan would be very good at that, and that’s why Azar went there. He is the most senior US official to visit Taiwan in nearly 40 years.

Taiwan has 23 million inhabitants and, according to the latest data, there are no seriously ill corona patients.

481 infections have been identified, and there are now 23 carriers of the virus originating from China. The island had only seven deaths from the pandemic.

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