Trump Once Again Destroys China: Responsible for Mass Murder

China: Trade Talks With The US Completed

China: Trade Talks with the US completed, results Quickly Announced. The trade talks between China and the United States have been made, says a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry Wednesday.


The results are coming out quickly, said spokesperson Lu Kang.

On the American side, positive reactions were received to developments.

“The negotiations are fine,” stated Deputy Minister Ted McKinney of Agriculture. “They are going well for us.”

It just seemed that the countries had not yet been pronounced and would continue with the talks on Wednesday.

An American government official said that during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday,

 when it was unclear whether there would be any further discussions.

A US delegation had consultations on the trade dispute between the US and China since Monday in Beijing.

According to the reports, also found a rapprochement between the countries at various points.

Later this month, further dialogues would take place.

President Donald Trump also responded on Twitter that the conversations went very well.

At the stock exchanges, investors were hopeful about the trade talks.

Stock markets in Europe and New York were on the rise on Tuesday.

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