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Chinese and German Criticism of Trump Stopping WHO Payments

China and Germany are reacting negatively to the freezing of US payments to the World Health Organization. Beijing calls on Americans to fulfil their commitments to the WHO.


The Chinese foreign ministry says the fight against the virus is at a crucial stage and that the US decision has implications for all countries.

A spokesperson left in the middle whether China is willing to increase its own contribution.

German minister Heiko Maas (Foreign Affairs) states that strengthening the WHO is an excellent investment.

He argues for more cooperation and does not consider it useful to now blame the international organization. “The virus has no limits.”

The US is the largest lender of WHO with an annual contribution of hundreds of millions of dollars. President Donald Trump accuses the organization of turning against restricting travel from China, among other things.

“They were very much against what we did. Fortunately, I was not convinced, and I had to suspend travel from China. This has saved many lives.”

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