KLM is Investigating Serious Transgressive Behaviour Former Pilot

Consequences of Strike Still Work at KLM, Luggage Remains a Challenge

KLM is still suffering from the consequences of the wildcat strike on Saturday among ground staff at the airline. Getting the previously left behind luggage to its destination, in particular, remains a challenge for society.


There are no more cancellations on Tuesday, according to KLM. However, travellers may experience delays. This can take up to an hour.

About 150 employees who are responsible for, among other things, the handling of cargo and baggage at KLM laid down their work on Saturday morning. As a result, dozens of flights were cancelled at the start of the May holiday, and chaos ensued at the airport. Flights were also cancelled on Sunday and Monday due to that action.

According to KLM, planes still leave every day to send luggage. “This remains an ongoing process that we will continue to work very hard on,” said a spokesperson.

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