Construction Workers Back to Work at Notre-Dame

Construction Workers Back to Work at Notre-Dame

Construction workers have resumed work at the burnt-out Notre-Dame in Paris. The repair work was halted there for a month and a half because of the corona crisis.


A fire broke out at the 850-year-old house of worship more than a year ago. That led to enormous damage. The emergency services reportedly barely prevented the iconic building from collapsing entirely.

President Emmanuel Macron promised to complete reconstruction in five years, but the project suffered several setbacks.

For example, the work had to be stopped earlier because high concentrations of lead particles had been measured.

The repair work will not be resumed immediately on Monday. It must first be ensured that the site complies with all the rules established to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

This means, among other things, that showers and changing rooms for construction workers must be adapted.

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