Dropbox Comes With Free Password Management Feature

Dropbox Comes With Free Password Management Feature

Just as LastPass heavily restricts the free version of its password manager, Dropbox comes with a free solution.


Dropbox Passwords has been around for paid users of the storage service for a year now. Starting in April, the company will release a limited free version for everyone. This free edition will store up to fifty passwords and can be used on three devices. In time there will also be the option to share a password securely.

It’s no coincidence that Dropbox is now announcing the feature. Last month, the popular password manager LastPass announced that it was limiting its free version to one device. That restriction took effect on March 16.

In the past, Dropbox turned out not to be invulnerable to hackers. In 2016, the company reported that the data of 69 million users was stolen four years earlier, in 2012. In the meantime, the company says it has improved its security.

There are more alternatives to LastPass (including Dashlane, True Key, 1Password), but they are also paid and/or have a free version that can only store a limited number of passwords. Zoho Vault and Bitwarden are free alternatives that sync passwords on both PC and smartphone.

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