Electrical Measuring Instruments and Devices (Few in List)

Electrical Measuring Instruments and Devices (Few in List)

There is an engineering degree that is concerned with the study, design, and application of equipment, device, and systems which use electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. Coming on to the instruments in electrical used for measuring the resistance of current, voltage flux power factor is called electrical measuring instruments.

Some of the instruments here that are used in electrical measuring are ohmmeter, frequency meter, flux meter, power factor meter, voltmeter, and ammeter. Electrical devices, on the other hand, take the current of electrical current. With the help of conductors, the flow of electrons occurs, and the electrical energy is converted into the other simple way like heat, light, or motion.

Why measuring instruments used:
• In the circuit or system, finding the error in the measuring value
• Recording the data concerning time
• Displaying the numerical value of the electrical quantities as per the time
• Electrical instruments give accurate measurements of the electrical equipment
• To protect the electrical appliances by detecting the fault

Here are a few electrical measuring instruments and devices:

Ammeter-This is the instrument used for measuring the electric current in ampere. Nowadays ammeter is used in any way to measure the electric current in any circuit from any position. But earlier ammeter used the earth’s magnetism to operate.

Ohmmeter– For measuring electrical resistance, ohmmeter is used as the electrical measuring instrument. There are two ohmmeters, micro- ohmmeter that makes low resistance measurements. Megohmmeter is used for measuring the significant values of resistance.

Frequency Meter– For measuring the periodic electrical signal frequency meter is used. Various types of frequency meter are used in electrical measuring. Many instruments are of deflection type, which measures low frequencies. But they are capable of measuring the frequencies as high as 900 HZ.

Flux meter– The meter used to measure the flux of the permanent magnet is called flux meter. We can say it as the advanced form of the ballistic galvanometer. The flux linking with the coil is varied either by reversing the magnetic field or removing it from the magnetic field. The change in the flux induces an electromotive force in the coil.

Voltmeter– When there is a need for measuring the electrical potential difference between two points in an electric circuit, a voltmeter is used. There are two types of analogue voltmeter and digital voltmeter. Analog voltmeter moves the pointer across the scale according to the voltage in the circuit. Digital one gives the numerical display of the voltage.

Power factor meter– This is the instrument used for measuring the power factor of the transmission system. What power factor is? It is the cosine of the angle between voltage and the current. Pressure coil and current coil are used for the manufacturing of the power factor meter.

Electric appliances and devices are today’s need, so electrical measuring instruments are in demand. With digitalisation, the instruments are also going advanced and helping the measuring process easy and precise.

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