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European Court Does Not Suspend EMA Branch In Amsterdam

European Court does not Suspend EMA Branch in Amsterdam. The planned establishment of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in Amsterdam on 30 March 2019 will not be suspended.


The European Court of Justice decided on Monday in the interlocutory proceedings that the city of Milan has filed.

Milan also asked the suspension pending on a final decision delivered by the court on the EU agency’s allocation system.

Italy is also looking cancellation of the decision to move the EEA to Amsterdam. A draw determines this. The court says that by rejecting the suspension, it does not anticipate a ruling on the substance of the case.

The agency must leave London because the United Kingdom is leaving the EU. In November, EU member states voted on a new place for which nineteen cities had signed up.

Amsterdam dragged in the coveted office after a draw with Milan, because the cities had ended after three rounds of voting.

The Italians also fight that the new office on the Zuidas will be ready on time. As a result, the continuity of the work, a compelling situation for the candidacy, would not be guaranteed.

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