European Leaders Warn Italy: Popularism Always Ends in Catastrophe

Eurozone Goods Exports Continue to Increase Due to Crisis Recovery

Goods exports from the eurozone countries to the rest of the world also increased further in July, thanks to the strong recovery of the global economy from the corona crisis.


According to the European statistical office Eurostat, exports increased by more than 11 percent to a value of 206 billion euros compared to a year earlier.

Imports also clearly increased, with a plus of 17 percent to more than 185 billion euros. Since the beginning of this year, trade between the euro countries and the rest of the world has grown considerably. That of the entire European Union also went up significantly. For example, there was more trade with important trading partners such as the United States and China.

The EU’s main trade products are food, raw materials, energy, chemicals, vehicles, machinery and other industrial goods.

EU exports to the United Kingdom also increased this year, but imports fell, which is probably related to Brexit.

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