Two More Texas Hostage Suspects Arrested in England

Explosion Liverpool Has Been Prepared for Months

The man responsible for an explosion at a Liverpool hospital began preparations at least seven months ago. The police report that they have a complete picture of purchasing the parts of the homemade explosive that went off in a taxi in front of the hospital.


Police have confirmed that the 32-year-old man, Emad Al Swealmeen, was born in Iraq. British media previously reported that he was of Iraqi-Syrian descent and had converted to Christianity. His asylum application is said to have been rejected in 2017.

Police investigations revealed that he had psychological problems in the past. These findings further investigate Sunday’s events, which police see as a terrorist incident. However, Al Swaelmeen’s motive is not yet known.

Al Swaelmeen took the explosive in a taxi. That went off at the entrance to the Liverpool Women’s Hospital. He died from injuries sustained in the explosion and ensuing fire. According to British media, the driver was able to leave the vehicle after the explosion after locking up his passenger. The driver sustained minor injuries.

The threat level was raised to the second-highest level on Monday due to the explosion in Liverpool and a recent murder of a British MP. According to the authorities, another attack is very likely.

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