Facebook and Instagram Block Support Messages to the Taliban

Facebook Prohibits More Messages

Facebook Prohibits more Messages that refer to Racist Groups. Facebook tells Motherboard that it removes messages relating to white nationalism and white separatism.

The social network has altered its rules so that references to these terms are no longer allowed in messages and images.

White nationalism is about recognising and engaging people with light skin colour as a race.

White separatism is about a movement that wants to keep people with a bright skin colour separate from other ethnicities.

Previously, only references to white supremacy were not permissible on Facebook,

a movement that people with a light skin colour consider superior.

It led to criticism from civil rights groups and historians.

Facebook claims to have entered into discussions with authorities and organisations in that field.

“We find that the similarities between all movements overlap so that we can hardly differentiate between the terms.”

Living after hate groups
People who try to use the terms, according to a Facebook spokesperson,

get to see a window that leads them to the Life After Hate website.

It is a non-profit organisation of former members of white supremacists that were established to influence people to leave hate groups.

For the time being, only explicit references are deleted.

Obscure descriptions are not promptly removed because,

according to the company, they are more difficult to trace.

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