Facebook and Instagram Block Support Messages to the Taliban

Facebook Removes the Anti-Mouth Mask to Spread False Information

In the fight against false information, Facebook has closed one of the largest Facebook groups against mouth masks of the social network.


It concerns Unmasking America (‘unmasking America’) with over 9600 members.

The group spoke out against wearing face protection to prevent infection with the coronavirus. According to the members, that would be completely useless.

A mouth mask would prevent proper breathing, have a negative psychological influence and make people submissive. And that would be the truth, Unmasking America said.

According to Facebook, the terms of use have been violated by propagating disinformation. Experts have contradicted the group’s claims.

US President Trump, who long considered a mask against corona unnecessary, now calls wearing such protection patriotic. The US health authorities have long recommended that a mask be worn.

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