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Facebook Solves Interference With An Overview Of Political Advertisements

Facebook Solves Interference with an overview of Political Advertisements. The Facebook advertising library, in which users can search for active political advertisements on the social medium, was not fully accessible in the Netherlands on the day of the European Parliament elections.


Users looking for a national political party in the library such as the VVD, PvdA, Forum for Democracy, D66,

 GroenLinks or ChristenUnie – to check which advertisements they currently have active,

 could see an error message if they see the relevant page wanted to see.

“The content you requested cannot be displayed at this time.

The content may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked may have expired,

 or you may not have access to this page,” it said.

Facebook users could also not visit the actual Facebook page of the affected parties.

Usually, it is also likely to see whether the page shows (political) advertisements through this route.

Facebook reports Thursday afternoon that a bug hit the library.

“The difficulty has now been fixed, and we expect everything to work properly again around 5 pm.”

Failure does not affect the entire social medium
The problem seemed to be limited to looking up advertisements from a political party through the library.

The ads that appear on the social medium in the news overview of users were not affected.

Purchased advertisements could, therefore, end up with users.

The disruption also seemed to only occur with some Facebook pages of national political parties.

Advertisements on Facebook pages of candidates or of local departments of political parties were available.

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