First British Deportation Flight Leaves for Rwanda, Despite Ongoing Criticism

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The UK’s first deportation flight will leave for Rwanda on Tuesday. Persons who entered the United Kingdom illegally will now be taken to the East African country.


The government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson is holding its ground despite the loud protest and is therefore continuing its new migration plan.

On Monday, a London court dismissed a last-minute appeal against the controversial government plan, giving it the final green light. London says it wants to discourage illegal crossings of the Channel with this plan. More than 10,000 migrants have entered the country since the beginning of this year after crossing the Channel. London will now pay €144 million to Kigali to receive refugees.

But the plan has been criticized a lot. The British opposition, the UN refugee agency UNHCR and human rights organizations, among others, accuse the government of violating international law with the deportation flights. Even heir apparent Prince Charles described the procedure as “horrible”.

Secretary of State Liz Truss brushed aside these criticisms, saying the plan is completely legal. She also did not want to say anything about the departure time of the first flight or about how many people are on board. “There will be people on board. And if you’re not on this flight, you’re on the next,” Truss said. According to the Sky News channel, it would be seven people.

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