Trump Transfigured Storming the Capitol as A Peaceful Rally

Four People Were Killed in the Storming of the Capitol, More Than 50 Arrests

Four people were killed in the US parliament building’s storming by supporters of President Trump in Washington on Wednesday, the Metropolitan police report.


The police have made 52 arrests.

Three of the deaths were the result of a “medical emergency”. What exactly is meant by this is still unclear. The other death is the woman who was shot in the Capitol and later died of her injuries. Fourteen police officers were injured in the riots, two of them seriously.

The police commander also said pipe bombs had been found at the Democratic and Republican Party’s headquarters. A refrigerating device containing Molotov cocktails was found in a vehicle parked at the Capitol.

Police Chief Robert Contee reported that 47 of the 52 arrests were made for violations of the mayor’s curfew. Of the arrests, 26 took place on the grounds of the Capitol.

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