Google and Apple Suspend App Store Purchases in Russia

Google and Apple Suspend App Store Purchases in Russia

It no longer seems possible to purchase apps or services in Russia via Google Play or the Apple App Store. However, the application stores themselves are still available.


It is no longer possible to make purchases from Russia on both the App Store and the iTunes Store, reported, which was picked up by MacRumors. Paying for apps as well as buying media or paying for services no longer works. In addition, depositing money into your account or using gift vouchers is no longer possible, the site says.

The block comes shortly after Google decided to suspend its payment systems for Russian users. As a result, it is also no longer possible to purchase games, apps, subscriptions or other things via Google Play.

Apple previously announced that it would currently close its stores in Russia due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. However, it is still possible to download and install free apps and games on both platforms.

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