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Google Gives Employees Extra $1,600 Bonus After Delaying Return to Office

Google is giving its employees worldwide an extra bonus this year. The bonus follows the decision by the internet group, part of Alphabet, to postpone the return of staff to the office.


In December, the company gives all employees, including interns, a one-time cash bonus of $1,600, or more than $1,400. It is in addition to Google’s work-from-home allowance and well-being bonus to support its employees during the pandemic. However, it is not known how much money the company has set aside for this purpose in total.

An internal Google investigation in March found that employee well-being has declined, after which the tech giant announced a series of measures, including a well-being bonus of $500.

Last week, Google indefinitely postponed its return-to-office plan due to the rise of the omikron variant. There is also said to be some resistance among employees to the company’s vaccination obligation. Google previously assumed that staff would be back in the office from January 10.

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