Google: No More Ads for Fake Climate News

“Google Takes 46 Apps From Chinese App Developer”

“Google Takes 46 apps from Chinese app developer DO Global Offline.” Google has taken 46 apps from app developer DO Global from the Play Store, according to the reports.


The developer was questioned earlier due to various rogue apps in the Play Store.

Earlier it turned out that six apps from the developer secretly clicked on ads after installation. Google then took six apps offline.

Now Google has determined to take all apps offline from the developer.

In total, the 46 apps from DO Global had more than 600 million installations.

It is not apparent whether all these apps were also fraudulent.

Google has given no reason why DO Global is no longer authorised to sell apps in the Play Store.

DO Global has not yet responded to the disappearance of its apps from the Play Store.

More and more problems with apps
It occurs more and more often that fraudulent apps appear in the Play Store.

These apps pose as a legitimate app for making selfies, for example.

In the background, these apps send all kinds of data or click on advertisements.

Not only Android is targeted, but similar apps are also being developed for iOS.

Apple does, however, have a stricter procedure for allowing apps,

 which means that data cannot be removed as quickly.

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