Japanese Cabinet Secretary Suga Succeeds Abe As Party Leader

Health Concerns of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has undergone medical examinations for the second time in eight days at a hospital in Tokyo.


When Abe returned to his residence after spending hours in the hospital, Abe did not want to comment on rumours that he had a severe illness.

“By taking good care of my health, I want to be able to keep working hard” for the country, he said.

He wanted to say that he got the results of last week’s studies and had additional research, but said he wouldn’t go into the details until later.

Japanese channel Nippon TV previously reported on the authority of sources within the Liberal Democratic Party of Abe that the prime minister last week underwent treatment for a condition he had already had in the past and also had a medical check-up.

Japanese media point out that Abe has not given significant press conferences for weeks. Sources around the prime minister say he needs a rest.

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