How Come Party Gate"? Boris Johnson is Already Thinking About Reelection

How Come Party Gate”? Boris Johnson is Already Thinking About Reelection

Partygate or no Partygate, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson remains militant. To such an extent that he already announced in an interview to The Sun that he wants to be re-elected in two years.


“I still have a lot to do. But, I am doing my job, and I will do so as long as I have the privilege and honour to hold this position.”

Johnson has been under a lot of pressure for weeks because of the lockdown parties in Downing Street. “My job is to do what I was chosen to do; the best response to criticism is to perform. This is the government that delivered Brexit, secured an 80-seat parliamentary majority and delivered the fastest vaccination campaign and economic growth in the G7,” Johnson said.

Critics, on the other hand, say that some of those claims are false.

Even after publishing the much-anticipated Partygate report from top official Sue Gray, reports continue to come in about Johnson making an appearance at lockdown parties.

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