How Much Can You Save with Window Double Glazing

How Much Can You Save with Window Double Glazing?

Heat loss is a significant concern for the people living in most of the UK locations. During the winter season, windows are the most common building component that causes heat loss, resulting in a colder environment within the house. So, you need to restrict the heat to enter through the windows and safeguard your in-house assets from the heat loss.

Double Glazing is the best way to restrict heat from the windows and maintain the inner temperature. Now, most of you would be wondering about Double Glazing. The shortest definition of double Glazing is a window that encompasses double glass layers, building a vacuum-like space within the two glass layers. It is one of the most recommended options people consider to prevent energy loss.

Most of you would think that there is not much difference in energy saving while using the double glazing windows at your home. Installing the double Glazing gives a significant drop in your electricity bill that is majorly consumed to maintain the inner temperature hot during the winters.

The actual power saving depends upon various factors that commonly include the family members, the heating system installed, etc. However, an A+ certified double glazing window can save up to £110 on your yearly electricity bill. It is a significant saving that you can make with a one-time investment. The saving amount precisely depends upon the rating offered to the Glazing. E.g., an A+ rating window can easily save up to £110, whereas C rating windows can save up to £100.

This monetary gap in your bill is significant, and hence it’s worth investing in Double Glazing. Moreover, there are many other benefits of investing in these windows.

Some of the benefits are below:
• It keeps the home warmer during the cold (winter season).
• It will restrict the external noise from entering, making your home peaceful and noise-free.
• The heat loss restriction will limit the occurrence of condensation that can directly affect your in-house moisture-sensitive items.
• Your property will get longevity and overall value.

This complete knowledge has compelled you to go with double glazing windows at your home. However, lack of money restricts you from investing in this power-saving option.

No Worries!

Many companies offer free windows installation at your home. The H2B Windows Grant Scheme is the most common scheme that you must apply and get a chance to install double glazing windows without paying a single penny. Having restricted funds with the company, there are some guidelines that you must fulfil to get the free windows installation. Once you are qualified for the grant scheme, your entire doors and windows will be funded by the company.

Here, double Glazing is not the only option that you can find suitable to restrict heat loss. Below are some alternatives that can also be considered.

Curtains: It is a popular option to protect your home from heat loss.

Vents: There are vents in some windows which you can open in the winter to maintain proper air circulation and restrict the growth of condensation.

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