Saudi Arabia Cinema Open Again

In Saudi Arabia the Cinema will Open Again after 35 Years

In Saudi Arabia the cinema will Open Again after 35 Years. In Saudi Arabia, a public film screening will take place in a cinema for the first time since the 1980s.


After a ban on cinemas was in force in the ultra-conservative country for more than 35 years, a cinema will be solemnly opened in the capital Riyadh, reports eBuzzFeed.

The cinema of the American chain AMC will be put into use with a gala a Hollywood blockbuster. Which film the scoop is not officially announced. Unconfirmed rumors state that the action picture “Black Panther” could be the first film in 35 years.

In any case, the modal Saudi citizen will not be a witness to the special event. Invitees can only attend both the premiere and all other performances that take place in April.

The Saudi royal family had decided to ban cinemas in the early 1980s. This measure was part of a policy based on a conservative interpretation of Islam. Other forms of entertainment were then also prohibited.

Climate Change
In this way, concerts were also bombed for years. The fact that cinemas are now being admitted again is a result of the cautious liberalization that is being implemented under the impulse of crown prince Mohammad bin Salman.

The measures fit in with the ‘Vision 2030’ plan, with which the country wants to be more open to foreign investors. In this way, Saudi Arabia wants to become less dependent on oil revenues, as more and more states are trying to reduce the use of fossil fuels due to climate change.

In September 2017 it was also announced that the driving ban for women would be lifted. In the coming years, AMC will open dozens of cinemas in Saudi Arabia. Hundreds of cinemas may eventually arrive in the country. In this way, the Kingdom wants to do a good business financially.

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