Indonesia Hospitals are Filling up With Corona Patients

Indonesia Hospitals are Filling up With Corona Patients

More and more hospitals in Indonesia are full of corona patients as the number of infections continues to rise. The government, therefore, urges people with mild complaints to stay at home.


Currently, 74 percent of hospital beds are occupied. According to the National Hospital Association, hospitals in several cities are already full and cannot handle new patients. In some places, sick people are already being sent away.

The shortage of medical oxygen has increased considerably in a short period of time. At least 33 patients died in a hospital in Yogyakarta last weekend, according to staff. Authorities say the situation should now be under control. Several companies have promised to use oxygen for healthcare products and no longer for the industry. The Asian country will also import oxygen cylinders.

Indonesia is struggling with a significant advance of the coronavirus. On Monday, 29,745 new infections were registered. That is the highest daily figure since the start of the pandemic and a fivefold increase from the number of cases at the beginning of June.

Indonesia has officially recorded a total of more than 2.3 million infections. The death toll rose to more than 61,000 on Monday with 558, also a daily record. However, experts think the actual numbers are much higher because little is being tested.

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