ING: Confidence Among Investors Remains Positive

ING: Confidence among Investors remains Positive. Investor sentiment rose by 2 points to 124 in April, according to ING’s monthly investor barometer, investors expect the AEX to continue to rise in the coming period and predict a position of 556 points in July.


With the rise to 124 points, peace among investors has returned, ING writes.

“The positive attitude of investors is not entirely surprising,

 as almost every stock market in the world has risen more than 10 percent this year,”

 said Bob Homan, head of ING Investment Office.

The AEX increased this year by just under 17 percent.

On Friday the stock market closed on a stand of 567.18, this year the stock market still opened around 486 points.

In December last year, there was almost a negative sentiment (a score below 100 points).

Confidence among investors fell at the time due to the trade war,

 the Brexit, disappointing economic figures and statements by US President Donald Trump.

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