Instagram is Testing the Return of the (Reverse) Chronological Feed

Instagram Start Test To Hide Likes From Followers

Instagram Start test to Hide likes from Followers. Facebook is going to hide likes and likes in photos and videos, the company announced Tuesday at the F8 developer conference in California. The test starts in Canada.


Instagram users in this country will no longer be able to see in their timeline how many likes a post has had in their time.

It only reveals who has liked a photo or video.

Only the person who posted the photo or video can see the number of likes.

With this, Facebook wants to achieve that users focus more on the photos and videos of people,

 in their network and not on demand.

According to the company, it must be about what you share and not how many people like your posts.

It is not apparent whether the function will be performed and when likes in the Netherlands are hidden on the platform.

During the conference, Facebook also announced plans for a new design of Facebook,

 and the company would expand the Whatsapp and Messenger messaging services.

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