Intel Acquires Linutronix

Intel Acquires Linutronix

Intel acquires embedded Linux system manufacturer Linutronix. The acquisition reflects “the company’s commitment to the Linux kernel and community,” he said.


Linutronix develops industrial Linux solutions. “Under the leadership of CEO Heinz Egger and CTO Thomas Gleixner, the company grew into the architect of PREEMPT_RT (Real-Time) and Linutronix became a leading industrial applications provider,” said Mark Skarpness, vice president of Embedded OS at Intel, in a blog post.

Of the CTO, he says that “Since 2008, Gleixner has been instrumental in maintaining the x86 architecture in the Linux kernel.”

Software is a growth industry for Intel. The company argues that a successful software ecosystem must be open to thrive. “Being open is the foundation on which we base our choice of partners and build trust. Linutronix shares this vision,” said Intel. Financial details of the acquisition have not been disclosed.

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