Interpol Fears Rise of Metaverse Crime

Interpol Fears Rise of Metaverse Crime

The rise of the metaverse can also create new forms of crime or take existing crimes to another level, Interpol warns.


Madan Oberoi, who is responsible for technology and innovation at Interpol, explains to Reuters that the rise of virtual environments also offers new opportunities for criminals.

On the one hand, Interpol fears that existing practices such as phishing, scamming or endangering children will also appear in the metaverse.

On the other hand, interactions in the virtual can also provoke crime in the real world. For example, Interpol does not rule out the possibility that, for example, a terrorist attack is first planned and simulated virtually before it is carried out.

New forms of crime can also arise the more we are active in virtual environments. For example, Oberoi thinks that interactions on blockchain could allow someone to track someone’s activities based on one interaction, posing risks for stalking or extortion.

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