Apple Hides Zero Day Vulnerabilities in iOS

iOS Will Allow Users to Choose A Standard Streaming Service

iPhone users can choose which streaming service they want to play music with when they request a song from Siri in the upcoming iOS 14.5 update.


Tech blog MacRumors reports that which has investigated a beta version of the operating system. The virtual assistant will now use the chosen streaming service to play music.

Users can already ask Siri to play a song on Spotify or Deezer, but then they must explicitly mention the service’s name with each request.

If only the song’s name is mentioned, Siri will try to play it on Apple Music – even for users who don’t subscribe to it.

Spotify has been complaining for years that Apple would compete unfairly by imposing strict rules on the streaming company that its own Music service does not comply with.

One of the examples Spotify cites is Siri’s default use of Music.

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