Israel Carries Out Air Strike After Missile Launch From Gaza Strip

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The Israeli army launched airstrikes on the Gaza Strip on Friday morning after a missile was fired from the Palestinian enclave towards southern Israel.


“Fighter planes and helicopters have bombed an ammunition factory, a smuggling tunnel and a military post” belonging to the Hamas Islamist movement in power in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army said in a statement. The attack happened in response to a missile launch Thursday evening.

The projectile fired from the Gaza Strip entered uninhabited areas and caused no damage or casualties, local authorities in southern Israel said. Militants of Islamic Jihad, a second Islamic armed group, are also active in the Gaza Strip.

The Gaza Strip has been controlled by Hamas since 2007 and has been subject to an Israeli blockade ever since. There have already been three wars between Hamas and Israel in 2008, 2012 and 2014.

Sporadically, missiles are fired from the Gaza Strip, followed by retaliatory attacks by Israel. The last rocket launch dates back to March 23, the night of Israel’s parliamentary elections.

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