Italian Ex-Prime Minister Berlusconi Back in the Hospital

Italian Ex-Prime Minister Berlusconi Back in the Hospital

The 84-year-old ex-Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, was hospitalized again on Monday. He has “health problems”, according to a lawyer who defends him in a trial in Milan on Wednesday.


It is not known how serious the problems are, and it has been said in circles around the ex-politician that he is not very ill. His lawyer said in court that the trial does not have to be stopped but that Berlusconi himself cannot be there.

Berlusconi ended up in the hospital last year as a result of a corona infection. This year he was admitted because of heart problems and later a fall in his house.

The entrepreneur and politician Berlusconi has served as prime minister three times in the years 1994-2011. Dozens of trials have been conducted against him, and he has been sentenced to jail only once for tax fraud in 2012.

Currently, a trial against Berlusconi has been ongoing in Milan for months based on a previous case involving the then Prime Minister Berlusconi’s relationship with a nightclub dancer.

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