Biden Commemorates US Corona Deaths on the Eve of the Inauguration

Joe Biden: I Will Be A President to All Americans

Joe Biden, if he is elected president of the United States in November, wants to be a leader who will reconcile the country and has pledged to bring the United States out of the darkness of contradictions it finds itself in today.


With his speech on Thursday evening, on the last day of the Democratic Convention, Biden officially accepted the nomination as his party’s presidential candidate. He did so during the closing speech of the four-day meeting.

“I will work as hard for people who will not vote for me, as for Americans who will vote for me. I will put hope above fear. The pandemic ravaging the country presents unprecedented opportunities as well as problems,” Biden said.

Without taking his name, Biden lashed out at President Donald Trump. “A man who thinks it’s all about him. With him, we won’t get the economy back on track or the pandemic under control. He has no plan for it, I do. He has failed to protect us, and he has failed. “

The Democrat promised a plan for tax reform, strengthening healthcare, social security and tackling the climate crisis. He also said he was committed to human rights and the preservation of human dignity.

The moment for Biden to run as Trump’s 2017 statement on the far-right protesters in Charlottesville. Trump said there were outstanding people on the side of the white supremacists too.

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